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Aria Tote

Over the last few weeks I have been working through a list of hand made Christmas presents. My little niece Aria loves running around and playing dress up. I have developed a beginner level crochet bag so she can easily carry her toys while tearing around the house playing dress ups.

The yarn I chose for this pattern is Ralph from the Lincraft European collection for the body and makr recycled cotton for the handle. The Ralph yarn is a chord-like yarn that is very durable. The use of recycled cotton means the strap will not stretch!

The pattern is available on my Ravelry store. The file is a PDF, with additional photo-tutorial steps of the free pattern provided below. Your support will help me release more patterns. The Paypal link below is a way to purchase the pattern if you don’t use Ravelry, but please bear in mind that using this form requires me to email you the pattern. There may be a slight delay in receiving the pattern.

Aria Toddler Tote

This pattern book provides a photo tutorial for each of these patterns Ad-free. The file is PDF. This pattern is rated as EASY — suitable for a confident beginner. It uses standard US and UK English crochet terminology. It has been tested for clarity and accuracy. In addition, and as mentioned earlier, it contains how-to photos. I am confident this pattern will make for a happy crochet experience. I don’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order. **Please be patient if you use this form to purchase the pattern. I will need to email the file, it may take a few hours for me to send (it may be night for me!)

2.50 A$


Materials Needed


10cm Zipper
2 Buttons
You will only need one of the above if desired for the bag opening


The circle diameter after R2 is 2”
7 repeats of the chord pattern is 2” length



This pattern is written in US terminology. The UK equivalent
terms are provided in square brackets as such [UK].
SC[DC], Single Crochet [Double Crochet]
HDC[HTR], Half Double Crochet [Half Treble Crochet]
CH, Chain

Special Stitches

PLT: Pull Loop Through. Drop stitch from your hook. Insert
hook through the selected stitch from the wrong side of the
work. Pick up loop, pull through.
Join Stitch: insert hook into selected loop, pull through a loop.
Insert hook through the corresponding stitch of the other half
through the wrong side, pull loop through. There should be
three loops on your hook. Pull through two loops.


The Pattern

Bag Half

Using 6.5mm hook and Bulky Yarn, Make 2
Worked in a spiral until final row.
Foundation: 10SC[DC] into a Magic Ring, Place Stitch marker in last stitch. This will move up each row. {10}
R1: 2HDC[HTR] in each stitch around. {20}
R2: HDC[HTR], 2HDC[2HTR] Repeat from * to * around. {30}
R3: HDC[HTR], HDC[HTR], 2HDC[2HTR] Repeat from * to * around. {40}
R4: HDC[HTR], HDC[HTR], HDC[HTR], 2HDC[2HTR] Repeat from * to * around. PLT the first stitch of the round. {50}
If you want a larger bag continue the increase pattern until desired size.
The bag should measure 5” across
R5: CH1 (does not count) HDC[HTR] in the third loop of the HDC[HTR] from R4 around. PLT first stitch of round. Fasten off and weave in end. Do not fasten off the second half. See pictures.


Strap – Option 1- Romanian Chord

Using 5mm hook and worsted weight cotton
Foundation: CH2, SC[DC] in 2nd chain from hook. Turn clockwise.
R1: from the foundation row, find the ‘V’ made by the SC[DC]. There will be a single loop on the side. SC in the loop. Turn clockwise
R2: find the ‘V’ made by the previous row SC[DC]. There will be two loops in the side. Make an SC in both loops. Turn clockwise.
Repeat R2 until strap measures 22” (56cm) or desired length.

Strap – Option 2 Simple

Using 5mm hook and worsted weight cotton
Foundation: 121 CH, or until the strap is the desired length.
R1: in 2nd chain from hook SC[DC], SC[DC] in each stitch
across [120] Repeat R1 until desired width is achieved


Assembly Options

  1. On the two halves of the bag mark out 15 stitches with
    stitch markers. This will be the bag opening.
  2. Using Join stitch combine the two halves, leaving the
    marked 15 stitches un-worked Fasten off and weave in ends.
  3. Attach the straps to the inside of the bag at the opening.
  4. If desired, Sew in buttons and make loops out of remaining
    Yarn, or sew in zipper.

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