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Welcome to Yarn for Thought. This is my space to share anything crafting or day to day life not related to crochet.

How to Add Coloured Bobbles to Any Pattern

Have you ever had a pattern that is written in just one colour, but you would love to add an additional splash of colour? Learn how to add this to your crochet projects with this blog post.

Dinosaur Jacket

My little niece is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs. With the theme of dinosaurs, I set out to find any clothing patterns for a 2-3 year old that were adaptable for tailoring. This was when I came across this beautiful pattern by heart hook home. I loved the two tone pattern and I loved the simplicity. In this post I detail the process of adapting this pattern to create a Dinosaur themed Jacket.

Elliot – Pete’s Dragon

Make your own Elliot from Pete’s Dragon using these instructions to adapt the Sleepy Dragon by Sharon from Amigurumi to go.

2020, What a year

2020, the year that was.
After a month or so of finishing up some well-overdue projects I am back from my Christmas break. I have a few projects planned in the works. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Giraffe Rattle

Last week a co-worker announced the arrival of his little boy. I decided that this meant a hand-made gift was in order. At the time I started, the gender wasn’t known so I chose a giraffe theme, as animals can be easily argued to be gender neutral. This weeks post outlines some quick and easy… Continue reading Giraffe Rattle

Lilac Twist Headband

This weeks post is a little different to my usual crochet, I have been going between knitting an crochet for the last few weeks. When my friend asked for a spring inspired headband the twist style headbands stood out. There are many variations of the twist headband. I wanted to make one that helped learn… Continue reading Lilac Twist Headband

Commuting Crochet Essentials

The ability to crochet in the car, on the train or your commute requires you to carry some essential items. Over the last year or so I have experimented with the tools needed to crochet during your commute or on road trips. I have compiled the list of the crochet essentials that live in my work bag. The best part is these don’t take up too much room!

Travel Project Bag

Learn how to make your own crochet travel bag (or reusable shopping bag) with this DIY tutorial.

DIY Polymer Clay Beads

This weeks blog post is a DIY instruction on making polymer clay beads. These beads are simple and quick to make. You can also customise the colours of your beads and add your own personal twist to your hand made items. This tutorial is really simple and would make a toughtful, but quick gift that is hand made.

Stitch Markers

Learn a few tricks to make your own themed stitch markers for your yarn work.

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are an adaptable replacement for cling wrap and are fantastic at keeping food fresh. I have made smaller pouches for my crackers to accompany lunch. The wraps are very versatile, and repairable and the perfect substitute for cling-wrap. So in the theme of DIY I have made a step by step method of how to make beeswax wraps. I have tried two different methods. I think I prefer the second stove top method over the oven process, but both will work.

Food Colouring Dye Process

There are so many wonderful colourways available in hand dyed yarns. One of my absolute favourite stores is Stitchcraft & Wizardry. I love their mixes of colours, and the fun names as well. Being the curious person I am I started reading into the various ways to hand dye yarn. It turns out there are… Continue reading Food Colouring Dye Process

Crochet Minions

Ever since despicable me burst into the cinema with its Gru’s tiny yellow workers, minions have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike. Something about their cute appearance and bumbling language captures the child within everyone. The minions have gone on to create their own merchandise, TV show and even their own feature movie.… Continue reading Crochet Minions

Rose Bookmark

Recently I have been making quite a few book marks. With valenteins day there was quite a few clever flower patterns going around. I decived to try my hand at making a rose but. What started as following a youtube tutorial has ended as a pattern. I could not find an appropriately sized rose bud… Continue reading Rose Bookmark

Elton the Elephant

How can you not fall in love with this adorable pattern from Stuffed Hearts. I stumbled across this pattern when looking for a project for my husbands colleague who had just had a baby boy (although elton could easily be a girls toy too!!). I like to find ways to adapt patterns to make them… Continue reading Elton the Elephant

Knitting, Crochet and Science??

Have you ever wondered if you could combine arts and crafts with maths and science? In my day job I am an Engineer. I like understanding how stuff works. So it should be no surprise that I like learning new stitches and coming up with ways to combine patterns and toy features. It should be… Continue reading Knitting, Crochet and Science??

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton I’m sharing my craft journey over this blog. Hopefully you may find some commute sized projects to work along with too on your daily travels. In Sydney, the average amount of time people spend riding public transport is… Continue reading The Journey Begins

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