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Beeswax Wraps

While being in social isolation thanks to COVID-19 I have been working on a range of projects other then crochet. I have been admiring beeswax wraps or a while, but haven’t come across any I like in markets or stores. So in the theme of DIY I have made a step by step method of how to make beeswax wraps. I have tried two different methods. I think I prefer the second stove-top method over the oven based method, but both will work.

Oven method beeswax wraps, no Rosin

Beeswax wraps are an adaptable replacement for cling wrap and are fantastic at keeping food fresh. I have made smaller pouches for my crackers to accompany lunch. The wraps are very versatile, and repairable.

What will you need?

100% cotton squares cut into sizes, the other ingredients are listed below per size. Baking tray, Baking paper, Iron, double boiler with mason jar, oven.

What you will need
Beeswax (food grade)1tbsp1 tbsp, 1.5tsp1tbsp, 2.5tsp
Jobja Oil1tbsp2tsp 2.5tsp
Rosin1tbsp1 tbsp, 1.5tsp1tbsp, 2.5tsp

Can I substitute?

My reading indicates that there are alternatives, Jobja oil can be swapped for any oil. However Jobja oil has been shown to have anti-microbal qualities. Beeswax can be swapped for Candellia wax if you are looking for a vegan alternative. Pine rosin gives the tacky quality to the wrap. you can swap this for beeswax if you do not wish to use the rosin.


Method- Oven

Mix together Jobja oil, beeswax and rosin together . Rosin should be powdered before mixing together.

Prepare baking tray with baking paper. Place cut cotton piece on the tray. Evenly sprinkle the mix over cotton sheet evenly.

Bake in oven until cotton is covered. Use a brush to make sure the sheet is evenly covered and distributed. You may need to reheat in-between spreading the wax mixture.

Once you are happy with the coating of cotton remove from tray and hang to air out. this could be over an airier, chair back. I peg the sheet to a coat hanger. If you are not happy with the distribution you can re heat in the oven, to iron the sheet between two pieces of baking paper.


Method- Stove top

This method relies on the stove top double boiler to melt down and mix the rosin, jobja oil and beeswax in a double boiler arrangement. The steps of this method are simpler then the oven stage.
1. Add jobja oil, beeswax and rosin to a jar in a double boiler. Heat, stirring occasionally until combined.
2. Place cotton piece on baking paper. While mix is being heated, using a brush coat the cotton in the mixture. The mixture will set quickly and you will need to allow the brush to heat up in the mixture.
3. Once cotton is coated enough (personal choice here) you will need to iron the sheet to evenly spread the mix. Iron between two fresh sheets of baking paper. Once happy hand on a airier to dry. This will not take long.

Stove top style Beeswax Wrap

When you have your wraps you can sew them into pouches for snacks or sandwich pockets. Using twine and buttons are good ways to hold shapes for smaller items like sultanas and trail mix.

You can wash these in cold water but warm water will melt the wax. If the wax is wearing off you can re-wax the sheet and keep using it.

I hope you enjoy and make your own!


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