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Stitch Markers

Stitch markers have worked their way into my crafting and become an essential staple to my projects. The bigger and more complex a project is, these markers can save countless hours counting and re counting stitches. There are many variants of stitch markers, however most of these are bland and un-creative. I have seen so many cute and adorable iterations of stitch markers across social media.

Australiana themed stitch markers

What you need:

You will need a few items to make your own stitch markers. Most of these will be able to be found in the jewellery section of your local craft store.


  • Small Pliers
  • Clear Nail polish


  • Clasp/hoop earrings/clip earrings
  • Charms of your liking (I have used wooden scrap booking charms and old jewellery charms)
  • Jump rings (like these)

Choosing your clasp

There are several clasps you can use. I prefer using the middle clip type. Either of these options are appropriate for use in stitch makers and are a matter of personal preference.

How to make:

Step 1: Open the jump ring. I have attached a youtube instructional for this step.

Hold the jump ring with the pliers near the join. with your spare hand push the ring open.

Thread charm and clasp onto jump ring and close

Close the jump ring and seal with a dab of clear nail polish.

Repeat the three steps with the remainder of your charms! I re-purposed an old phone charm, jewellery charms and scrap book wooden cutouts. There are lots of options out there.


Happy Crafting!


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