All Things Crochet

All things crochet is a way to share my top patterns, tips and tricks

This blog page shows my crochet related tips and tricks. You can find other non-crochet related posts on Yarn for Thought.

Sprinkles Jumper

DIY tutorial to up-cycle your own jumper into a sprinkles themed fairy bread or douchnut jumper.
This quick project adds an extra flair to your little ones wardrobe!

Elliot – Pete’s Dragon

Make your own Elliot from Pete’s Dragon using these instructions to adapt the Sleepy Dragon by Sharon from Amigurumi to go.

Giraffe Rattle

Last week a co-worker announced the arrival of his little boy. I decided that this meant a hand-made gift was in order. At the time I started, the gender wasn’t known so I chose a giraffe theme, as animals can be easily argued to be gender neutral. This weeks post outlines some quick and easy… Continue reading Giraffe Rattle

Commuting Crochet Essentials

The ability to crochet in the car, on the train or your commute requires you to carry some essential items. Over the last year or so I have experimented with the tools needed to crochet during your commute or on road trips. I have compiled the list of the crochet essentials that live in my work bag. The best part is these don’t take up too much room!


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