All Things Crochet

All things crochet is a way to share my top patterns, tips and tricks

This blog page shows my crochet related tips and tricks. You can find other non-crochet related posts on Yarn for Thought.

Commuting Crochet Essentials

The ability to crochet in the car, on the train or your commute requires you to carry some essential items. Over the last year or so I have experimented with the tools needed to crochet during your commute or on road trips. I have compiled the list of the crochet essentials that live in my work bag. The best part is these don’t take up too much room!

Travel Project Bag

Learn how to make your own crochet travel bag (or reusable shopping bag) with this DIY tutorial.

Granny Square Bag

Learn how to make a notions bag for your on-the-go

Granny Square Day

Today is Granny Square day 2020. Granny squares hold a special place for crocheters. 90% of Crocheters will have learnt the fundamental crochet techniques through the humble granny square. These squares are very adaptable and have been modified and tailored over the years. To celebrate Granny Square day I am sharing my favourite beginner granny… Continue reading Granny Square Day

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