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Chunky Blanket Ideas

Recently with wedding announcements and engagements within my family circle I have been experimenting with Chunky balnkets. A while back ALDI had a sepcial buy on some super chunky 3 Ply yarn and I stocked up on quite a few balls. This was really usedul for organising these gifts. Two of these have no spevific pattern and are just plain crochet stitches, while the chunky chevron blanket has a pattern that I have written up.


Chunky Throw

This blanket was a combination of double crochet (treble if you use UK terms) Working inbetween the front loop only and then back loop only to create the the rubbing pattern. A single crochet border (double crochet in UK terms) was used to neaten the edges of rows. It took two balls of yarn to greate the tassels in every second stitch. This whole blanket used 12 balls of Creative Place Super Chunky Yarn (280g and 80m a ball with a 12mm hook). It was a stnadard throw size of 54″ by 50″


Corner to Corner Lap Blanket

This blanket was made for Cookie (the dog), who was upset at not being allowed to cuddle under the new blankets I was making. This used the ball remnants from my previous blankets, approximatley 6 balls using a 15mm hook. The blanket is 1m by 1m in total. The blanket is a standard corner to corner pattern 18 rows out and back. For those not familiar with corner to corner granny squares here is a super easy to follow tutorial!


Chunky Chevron Throw

This chevron throw uses a total of 14 balls of 280g and 80m and creates a deliciously warm queen sized blanket which is perfect for winter. For more information on this pattern see this recent blog post!


I really hope these three ideas are useful for finding inspiration for chunky blankets! Thank you for checking out this blog post.


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