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2020, What a year

After a month or so of finishing up some well-overdue projects I am back from my Christmas break. I have a few projects planned in the works. I can’t wait to share them with you. The first patterns are being tested and hopefully will be released next month. This include the star motif and blanket pattern I designed for my new little second cousin Zara.


But first off, I wanted to re-cap the year that was 2020!

As I’m an Engineer I like statistics so here are a few from my blog and patterns. Last year my blog has 2507 views from 1214 visitors from all over the world. Over this I has 102 likes and 6 comments on blog posts and 20 patterns purchased. The most popular posts, thanks to COVID-19, were Ear Savers, Hand Sanitiser Cozies and then the Gingerbread Cookies.

The support from everyone on my blog means so much! Thank you to everyone who has used or bought one of my patterns over the last year.


Over the summer break I finished the Ironman Graphgah, Finally. My husband kept reminding me (in a joking way) that our anniversary was in September (Oops!). I only finished his gift a few months late.
The chart from the graphgahn can be found here.


I also finished the bunny onesie I started on the train back in December. The button holes have ended up a little uneven due to some minor pattern modifications to match the gauge. I will have to give it a go again some time soon.

Stay tunned for another year packed full of crafting adventures!


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