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Iorn Man Graphghan

My husband is a huge movie fan. Not that he is a super nerd, but he loves all the marvel movies, however is absolute favourite is Iron Man. While we were both studying at university I was provided with an endless supply of tony stark memes around study, procrastingating assignments and exam preperation.

A while back I was looking into some different projects. The graphghan projects stood out. Its not something I would have normally looked at due to the difficulty commuting and completing one of these projects, but with the current COVID-19 situation I am finding I have more time at home to crochet at home, which made this the perfect time to try making one.


The picture I have used I downloaded for free off google and Ihave used free Stitch Fiddle to generate the graph. The block is 130 stitches wide and 170 stitches tall. Im hoping it will end up being a good sweat towel for the gym. I am working this battern bottom up, using recyced cotton and a 4mm hook.

130 wide by 170 tall graph- Iorn Man

If you would like a copy of the two page PDF file, use the messae me form on the “About me” page and I will send you the file to your email adress. Happy Crafting!


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