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Newborn Puppy Set

When one the local animal foster groups announced they were expecting their first child, a baby boy, I knew exactly what I needed to make. This little bub will be joining a family of three dogs and a cat. What could be a more adorable outfit for the little man then a puppy.

Puppy Baby Set

I based this set on a few patterns from others. I have the links below so that you can make your own. I based the beanie , nappy cover and booties on the Parker set by sewrella. The set on its own is absolutley stunning. The dog bone snuggle toy is a shorter version of the pattern by Sunflowers at Home.

Completed Sewrella Parker set

I made the patterns for embelisments myself and have added these below. All the paid patterns I could find didnt match the set I loved or were too comical. I wanted the booties and nappy cover to be subtle, and I made an extra hat. This way there was an option to dress the baby up or have a normal set.


This pattern is written in US terminology and you will need to be familiar with Single Crochet [SC], Half Double Crochet [HDC], Slip Stitch [SL] and single crochet increase [INC].


  • Button for the tail
  • Contrast colour yarn in same weight as your beanie and bootie set.
  • hook to mach yarn. I used 10ply with a 5mm hook.
  • Small ammount of stuffing
  • For the bootie paw prints : 8 or 4 ply black yarn, 3mm hook (the booites are small and you need a lot of detail in the paw print.


Make two
R1: in a magic circle make SC4. Pull tight, do not join.
R2: INC in each stitch [8SC]
R3: *INC, SC* around [12 SC]
R4: *INC SC, SC* around [16 SC]
R5: SC around [16 SC]
R6: *INC SC, SC, SC* around [20 SC]
R7-8: SC around [20 SC]
R9: *INC, SC, SC, SC, SC* repeat around [24 SC]
R10-13: SC around, SL into the next stitch, leave around 20cm tail [24SC]
Note: If you want a longer ear add a few more SC rounds after R13.

Flatten the ear, use the tail to sew the opening together. You should now have 12 stitches across. Pinch the middle 6 together so that the ear makes a “T” Shape. So the middle 3 stitches on either side are 90 degrees from the rest of the ear. Sew these together to
Sew these to the third row from the top of the beanie.



make one
R1: In a magic ring 6SC, pull loop tight.
R2: 2SC in next stich, (HDC, DC, HDC) in next stitch. repeat around. SL into first stitch. leave long tail to sew in.
Assembly: Sew onto beanie evenly inbetween the eyes.

Eye patch:

Make one
R1: in a magic circle make SC6. Pull tight, do not join.
R2: INC in each stitch [12 SC]
R3: *INC, SC* around, SL into the first SC leave a tail for sewing on. [18 SC]
Assembly: Sew to the hat where you would like the eye to be.


Make 2, or you can use buttons.
R1: in a magic circle make SC6. Pull tight, leave a tail sew on.
Sew Eyes onto the hat.

Completed Beanie


You will need a button for the tail. if you wish to make the tail removable.
The tail is worked in a spiral. the rounds are not joined.
R1: in a magic circle make SC6. Pull tight, do not join.
R2-4: SC around
R6-8: SC around
R9: INC, SC, SC, SC, SC, SC,SC,SC [8 SC]
R10: SC around.
Lightly stuff the tail so that it holds a curl shape from the INC stitches. You can also use a pipecleaner to hold a shape. Sew the ends closed and use knots to create a button loop. Sew button onto diaper cover where you want the tail to sit.

Finished Tail

Paw Prints:

You will need a lighter weight yarn and a small hook. I used DK weight and a 3mm hook for this.

Completed Bootie

Toe Pads:

You will need three per paw.
R1: In a Magic ring SC 4 SL into first SC. Fasten off and leave a long tail to sew into the bootie.

Main Pad:

We are going to use a cute little heart for this.
R1: In a magic ring, CH1 3HDC, 2SC, HDC, 2SC, 3HDC, CH1, SL into the ring. Pull tight and leave a long tail to sew into the bootie.
Sew into the base of the bootie with the point of the heart facing the toes. Sew the three dots evenly arount the point to resemble the paw print.


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