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Commuting Crochet Essentials

The ability to crochet in the car, on the train or your commute requires you to carry some essential items. Over the last year or so I have experimented with the tools needed to crochet during your commute or on road trips. I have compiled the list of the crochet essentials that live in my work bag. The best part is these don’t take up too much room!

Before I jump in, I don’t earn any commissions or anything from the links provided in this post, I am just sharing because I find these really useful.

I started with a mint tin, I found a really cute one at the op-shop, but one like this will be do. Look here! The mint tin will need to fit your mini scissors, some yarn needles and stitch markers. You can make this as small or big as you desire.

Mini Scissors, I have made sure mine meet the air traffic regulations. In Australia you may take “blunt-ended or round-ended scissors with blades less than 6cm long” on a plane. Check my reference here. The ones I use are here. I like these because they have the silicone protector on the end.

Yarn needles, I carry both, one for DK/Worsted weight yarns and one for finer weight yarn. I don’t remember where I got these, but your favourite yarn needle will work too.

Stitch markers, I carry the ones I make. If you like these ones, you can get some of your own on my etsy store! you can use your own stitch markers in the tin. Everyone has their own favourites.

I also carry a retractable tape measure with a magnetic back. I have one of these. I like the magnetic back because it sticks to the mint tin.

That ends my absolute essentials to slip into my bag for on the go essentials. However I do often prefer to carry these in my notions pouch. You can find out how to make your own here. This is especially useful where you need one or two crochet hooks, or a small project to hold your project gear together.

If I have a larger project I use a project carry bag to hold the skein and project. You can follow the tutorial on how to make one here.

Unless I have a specific crochet project this is all the crochet gear I carry while on the go. I hope this list is useful for your crochet on the go needs!


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