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Crochet Minions

Ever since despicable me burst into the cinema with its Gru’s tiny yellow workers, minions have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike. Something about their cute appearance and bumbling language captures the child within everyone. The minions have gone on to create their own merchandise, TV show and even their own feature movie.

Minion School Kit

When looking at ways to brighten up everyday crochet accessories I used the minion for inspiration. Why aim for a kid’s audience? Well first off who doesn’t love minions? Secondly I wanted something to be a hit for my little sister and niece (11 and 10 months).

So, what did I include in this pack:

  • Minion Pencil Case
  • Minion Keying for a backpack
  • Minion cup cozie/ water bottle cover standard 750ml
  • Bookmark
  • Minion hand sanitiser pouch

If you are interested in becoming a pattern tester, let me know through the contact form.


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