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Giraffe Rattle

Last week a co-worker announced the arrival of his little boy. I decided that this meant a hand-made gift was in order. At the time I started, the gender wasn’t known so I chose a giraffe theme, as animals can be easily argued to be gender neutral. This weeks post outlines some quick and easy adaptations to basic patterns to make them extra special!

The gift comprised of a giraffe rattle and teether ring. The pattern used is the tiny giraffe by amigurumitoday. The giraffe has a maraca inside the head with the end sown to the tip of one leg. The little plastic maraca works well for the rattle.

Giraffe Rattle:

The giraffe is easy to adapt, you follow the instructions for the head, when you are directed to stuff the head, you add stuffing around the maraca. This does make the next rows a little more awkward to work the rounds. Working off the maraca finish the body. Separate the maraca into the first worked leg. If your maraca is a little longer, add more yellow rounds to the leg before the brown colour swap. Mirror this in the second leg.

Teether ring:

This ring used a 65mm wooden teether ring. You follow the giraffe pattern and make two ears, two ossicones and the desired number of spots.

The yellow slip around the ring is a simple crochet rectangle sewn around the teether ring. Make a chain (I needed 9) that reaches around the teether ring. Build the length of the rectangle for your desired length, I needed 30 rows.

Sew the teether ring into the rectangle. Sew Ossicones and ears onto the teether rings. Place spots on the teether rings.

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