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How to Add Coloured Bobbles to Any Pattern

Have you ever had a pattern that is written in just one colour, but you would love to add an additional splash of colour? In this blog post I will try my best to explain how I adjust patterns to add coloured bobbles to any pattern of choice. To do this I will be using the bobbles cardigan pattern by Sirin’s Crochet. While I am using this Cardigan, the technique will work with any pattern.

With your pattern, work up until the first bobble row. When you reach this, you will need to add a new row to the pattern. If you are following along with the “Crochet Baby Cardigan With Bobble Stitch” this is Row 11 of the pattern. For each row with bobble stitch you will be adding an additional row in.

Step 1:

Count the stitches to the first bobble. Start the bobble using a standing stitch. If you are not familiar, have a look at B.Hooked crochets video.

Step 2:

Once the first bobble is complete, make one chain for each stitch between the bobbles in the pattern. Repeat until all bobbles in the row are complete. Chain 3 more stitches, fasten off .

Step 3:

Pick up the main pattern and continue the pattern until the first bobble. Chain 1 and skip the bobble. Continue the pattern working over the chain made in the coloured row.

Step 4:

Continue until the row is completed. Steps 1-3 are to be completed for each bobble row.

I hope this step by step tutorial helps you add a splash of colour to your next bobble related crochet project!!


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