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Icicle Ornament

As part of my advent calendar 2019 I have developed this quick and easy icicle tree ornament. The pattern is easy to adjust in both length and tightness of curl. This is a quick and easy crochet pattern that can use up your left over yarn! The pattern will take around half an hour at most. It really makes a lovley addition to any Christmas tree.

Finished product!


Crochet hook: I used a 2.5mm hook to match the yarn I had chosen.

Yarn: I used 8 ply yarn left over from another project. You can find it here.

Yarn needle

The Pattern:

  • Row 1: chain 51
  • Row 2: Slip stitch into second from hook, (3 sc into next chain stitch) repeat () 5 times, (3 hdc into next chain stitch) repeat () 10 times, (3 dc into next chain stitch) repeat () 15 times, (3 tr into next chain stitch) repeat () 20 times.
  • Row 3: (loop) Chain 25 and slip stitch back into the top of the last treble crochet. alternativley you can sl stitch into the first sc on the other side of the icicle.

Tailoring: To reduce the tightness of the twists change the lots of 3 in round 2 to either 1 or 2 of each stitch in each chain. To increase add more stitches to each chain stitch.

To change the length to be longer add chains to round one. Scale up the sc, hdc, dc and tr stitch numbers in round 2 to suit. If you wish to make the icicke shorter remove stitches from round 1 and scale appropriately in round 2 the ration of sc: hdc:dc:tr is 1:2:3:4.

Round 1

Round 2, end of hdc

Round 2, end of dc


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