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2019 Advent Calendar

Its christmas time again and who doesn’t logve a good craft based advent countdown. Where I have found CAL advent calendar kits, this year December rolled around and I could not find any kits in stock anywhere! Faced with this conundrum I decided to pull together a searies of patterns to use as my own Advent Calendar. This is what I am sharing with you today.

Based around creating a nativity scene and christmas tree ornaments, this advent calendar has one or two small craft projects per day.E xcluding Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus there are alternate options on nativity scene days for those who do not wish to make a nativity scene . One pattern I have not included in the nativity scene are the stars. This is because I am planning to use my nativity scene as ornaments on the christmas tree. However the stars would make a great addition if you are looking to have your own nativity set up.

Picture of the nativity set included in this CAL advent. Picture courtesy of Whistle and Ivy.

Standard attachment for ornament for hanging on tree, where pattern does not include one.
A quick pattern for this is to chain 35 stitches. Slip stitch into first chain and fasten off. Sew in tails to the ornament you wish to hang.

A quick overview before diving in depth into the patterns and days. Just click the hyperlink to see each pattern!

DayProject OneProject Two
Dec 1Icicle OrnamentSnowlfake. Pattern 1, Pattern 2, Pattern 3
Dec 2Joseph by Whistle and Ivy
Dec 3Gingerbread Girl by Bella CrochetGingerbread Boy by Bella Crochet
Dec 4Mary by Whistle and Ivy
Dec 5Standing Visitor Shephard by Whistle and IvyMouse by Lucy Ravenscar
Dec 6Grinch by Sewrella
Dec 7Kneeling Visitor Shephard by Whistle and IvyPresent by Sewrella
Dec 8Pinecone by Yarn freak
Dec 9Penguin by 5 Little Monsters
Dec 10Snowman by Mid Western Mums
Dec 11Nativity Angel by Wistle and IvyAngel Ornament by Sewrella
Dec 12Robin by Interweave
Dec 13Bauble by Carmen Heffernan
Dec 14Kneeling Visitor Wise Man by Whistle and IvyGingerbread Head by Repeat Crafter Me
Dec 15Music by Interweave
Dec 16Nativity Tree by Whistle and IvyTree Ornament by Poppy and Bliss
Dec 17Sheep by Whistle and Ivy
Dec 18Snow Globe by Repeat Crafter Me
Dec 19Standing Visitor Wise Man by Whistle and IvyRuldoph by Knots-Thoughts
Dec 20Craft Bag by Jeanine Harris
Dec 21Star of Bethlehem by Kara Gunza
Dec 22Elf by Lucy Raven Scar
Dec 23Standing Wise Man by Whistle and IvyStocking by Sewrella
Dec 24Santa by Fairfield world
Dec 25Baby Jesus in manger by Whistle and Ivy

Day 1: Icicle and snowflakeIcicle:

  • Row 1: Chain 51.
  • Row 2: Slip stitch into second from hook, (3 sc into next chain stitch) repeat () 5 times, (3 hdc into next chain stitch) repeat () 10 times, (3 dc into next chain stitch) repeat () 15 times, (3 tr into next chain stitch) repeat () 20 times.
  • Loop: Chain 25 and slip stitch back into the top of the last treble crochet.

For more information check the pattern here.


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