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Sheep Hand Sanitiser Cozie

A few weeks ago my mum asked if I thought it would be posible to make a sheep hand sanitiser cozie. My little sister has some Minion ones for her school bag and she had seen my knitted Sean Sheep and frog cozie. Not being one to back down from a challenge I said I could, but it would definatley not be knitted!

I did love making my little knitted Sean Sheep, but knitting bobble stitch takes a very long time! Instead I focussed my attention on the Yarnspiration pattern Llama-no-drama. I love the way chains are used here to form a mock fleece. I have used a similar technique for my sheep pattern. While the chain loops take a bit of a yarn/time eater I love the effect they give.


Sheep Hand Sanitiser Cozie

This hand sanitiser cozie is sized to fit a Travel Dettol sized bottle of sanitiser. You may need to scale this pattern. Instructions are provided below. If you would like an ad free version of this pattern you can find it on my Ravelry store for immediate download, or purchase through this link, It may take a little while for the PDF using paypal but I will send the pattern as soon as I can, please be patient with me 🙂

Sheep Hand Sanitiser Cozie

This is an ad-free PDF of the pattern. This pattern is rated as EASY -- suitable for a confident beginner. It uses standard US and UK English crochet terminology. It has been tested for clarity and accuracy. I am confident this pattern will make for a happy crochet experience. I don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


What you need:



  • Yarn needle
  • 3mm hook
  • Stitch marker – you can get these on my etsy store!


US is the primary term. UK terminology is given in brackets.
CH, Chain
SC(DC), Single Crochet (Double Crochet)
SL, Slip Stitch
HDC(HTR), Half Double Crochet (Half Treble Crochet)
SK, Skip stitch



This pattern is worked in a spiral. use a stitch marker to track the start and end of rounds.
R1: CH 17, SL into first Chain
R2: 24 SC into circle. [24]
R3-4: SC around. [24]
R5: CH5, SC(DC) in first stitch of row, CH5, SC(DC) in next stitch. CH5, SC(DC) repeat from * to * around. [24 SC, 24 loops]
R6: HDC in each stitch. insert hook through stitch but not the CH5 loop. [24]
R7-18: Repeat rows 5 and 6 a total of 6 times.
Add repeats of row to increase length. Remove repeats to decrease height.
R19: SL into next stitch. SL around. [24]
R20: CH12, SK11, SL into 12th stitch. Fasten off, weave in ends.
Note: if you want a really bushy coat you can remove R6 and just repeat R5. I found this was too bushy for my liking.

Sheep Leg, make 2 using black

CH15, in 2nd from hook SC(DC), SC(DC), SC(SC), 3SC in same stitch, SC to end.
Fasten off and leave tail for securing.


Sheep arm, make 2 using black

CH15, in 2nd from hook SC(DC), SC(DC), CH3, SL into the last SC(DC). SC(DC) to end. Fasten off and leave tail for securing.

Sheep Head:

R1: CH6, in 2nd from hook 3SC (DC), SC(DC) in next 3 stitches, in last stitch make 3 SC(DC). Along opposite side 3 SC(DC), SL into first SC. CH1.
R2: 2SC(DC) in each of the next 3 stitches. 3SC(DC), 2SC(DC) in each of the next 3 stitches, SL into first SC. CH1.
R3: [SC(DC), 2SC(DC) in same stitch] 3 times, 3SC(DC), [SC(DC), 2SC(DC)in same stitch] 3 times, 2SC(DC). SL into first SC, Fasten off and leave tail to secure.

Sheep Head Fringe:

CH9, in 2nd from hook SC(DC), CH5, SC(DC) in next stitch, CH5,SC repeat from * to * to the end. Fasten off and leave tail.

Eye: make 2 using white

In a magic cirlce 4 SC(DC). pull ring tight. SL into first SC. Fasten off and leave long tail.
Make pupil by using a french knot.



  1. Secure legs below the first round of loops (R4)
  2. Add arms above legs, I put these under 2 sets of loops.
  3. Sew eyes to face. Use a french knot for pupils.
  4. Sew fringe to head.
  5. Sew head to body.
  6. Join the split ring to the loop created in R20 of the body.

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