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Sprinkles Jumper

One of the lovley ladies in the community asked me how I would go about making a 100’s and 1000’s jumper. The idea was to modify one of her daughters exsting yarn jumpers from K-Mart and add the sprinkles through crochet. My first thought would be to go for a 3D effect with picots, however it would be very difficut to ewace in ends without the wrong side looking like a spiders web. The winning concept was to use surface slip stitch crochet to make indiidual sprinkles and sew in the loose ends. In this post I am going to desribe how to adjust your own yarn jumper and up-cycle it into a sprinkle jumper.


How to Make Sprinkles

Step 1: Select stitch and insert hook right side to wrong side.

Step 2: on wrong side loop yarn around hook.

Step 3: pull look through to right side of work.


Step 4: insert hook into next sitich space. Yarn over and pull loop through.

Step 5: There are two loops in hook. Pull loop through. One loop remains.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the sprinkle is a desired length. I would recomend 3-4 loops long.


Step 7: When desired length cut yarn and pull loose end to the right side of work.

Step 8: Insert hook wrong side to right side at end of sprinkle. Yarn over (loose end) and pull through to wrong side.

Step 9: Sew in ends. Sprinkle is finished.


How to Make Jumper

I went for a dipped doughnut effect with my trial of a jumper. I used several colours of yarn randomly scattered around the bottom 2 inches (5cm) of the jumper and sleeves. This used scrap ammounts of fine cotton. I would recomend embroidery floss cotton to do this with. I used 4ply remenants from a pervious cotton.

I hope you enjoy this quick little DIY project. Please share your finished project usng #craftycommuterdesigns on social media.


Contribution for future articles

If you would like to support future patterns and projects please consider donating or contributing through paypal. I have set this up as a $2AUD contribution. I really apprciate your support.




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