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Granny Square Day

Today is Granny Square day 2020. Granny squares hold a special place for crocheters. 90% of Crocheters will have learnt the fundamental crochet techniques through the humble granny square. These squares are very adaptable and have been modified and tailored over the years. To celebrate Granny Square day I am sharing my favourite beginner granny square patterns!

Mitered Granny Square

There is the Mitered Granny square. This is perhaps the simplest modification on the traditional square. The square begins the same way as the traditional squares before working of two of the four sides. Different colours can be use to make some very striking blankets when these squares are combined.

Get pattern here

Owl Granny Square

Who doesn’t love a cute colourful owl to brighten up their day. These cute little squares can be combined into bunting, or can be turned into the perfect baby blanket for a boy or girl. I love the big eyes staring out.

Get pattern here


Fab 5 Flower Square

This square features a two-tone delicate flower. The whole square only uses 4 shades of a colour. There are countless applications for this pattern in a blanket. I would love to see a blanket in rainbow stripes using this pattern.

Get pattern here

Tip Tree Square

This granny square is a free pattern. I love the coordination of colours and layers in the square. It reminds me as a less complex mandala pattern. The pattern incorporates a range of front post stitches and would be a good way to get comfortable with these.

Get pattern here

Raindrops Square

This pattern is a burst of colour. It is the perfect pattern to master bobble stitch. The texture of this square would be ideal for cushion covers.

square 1

Get pattern here


Monkey Granny Square

The monkey granny square is a fun adaptation by Throsby cottage. There is a whole zoo collection of granny squares by this designer. My favourite is the monkey. An animal crochet granny square blanket is definatley on my to-do list for my adorable little niece.

Get pattern here

Sunburst Granny Square

This is one of my favourite patterns. It is the first adaptation of the granny square that I attempted when I learnt to crochet. I love the many many variations of this square on instagram and pintrest. There are burst of colour, monochrome, rainbow. The list goes on!

Get pattern here


Frosty Bloom Granny Square

I like the snow flake nature of this granny square. The combination of floral and frosty stitches make me think of cuddles on the couch under a blanket in the middle of winter. The unravelled mitten has a fantastic crochet sampler afghan blanket, but this square is my favourite.

Get pattern here

Mosaic Granny Square

The mosaic granny square is another good way to master front post stitches. this pattern creates a ribbing texture through ribbing texture. This makes a really warm blanket when extended out. It also works very well for gradients.

Get pattern here

Spring time Magic Granny Square

The spring time magic square is more decorative then designed for blanket warmth. this pattern uses splashes f two colours to build a flower into a granny square. this would be a perfect motif for a calico shopping bag or cushion cover.

Get pattern here


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