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15 Minute Skates

These quick and cute little Christmas decorations are part of my stash busting advent calendar. This pattern is designed to work up in less then 15 minutes and use up those pesky ball remnants from this year. There are two variations of these skates, the quick, beginner level 15 minute version. There is a second 30 minute version in a rag-doll style. This pattern is designed to work with DK weight yarn, but can be made with any yarn with a matching hook. The stash-busting advent calendar will be released late November!

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Eco Friendly Water Balloons

In Australia we are in the run into summer, although this year with La Nina this weekend is feeling reminiscent of winter rather then mid spring. For Australian summers it was almost a childhood rite of passage to have water balloon fights to cool down on those 40 degrees Celsius plus days. Now we are more environmentally conscious, which is why I love the concept of re-useable water balloons. Not only can the game continue for a much longer time, you only need one set of balloons and no longer use non-recyclable one-use plastics. This post shares a Crochet pattern for Eco Friendly Water Balloons!

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Commuting Crochet Essentials

The ability to crochet in the car, on the train or your commute requires you to carry some essential items. Over the last year or so I have experimented with the tools needed to crochet during your commute or on road trips. I have compiled the list of the crochet essentials that live in my work bag. The best part is these don't take up too much room!